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Donate now to support accurate sex education.

Your gift will help to ensure teens receive fact-based sex education and not dangerous "abstinence-only" programs.

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Accurate Sex Education

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Lela, 24

I had my first child when I was only 15 years old, a ninth grader in junior high.

Merry, 54

In 1972, as a 16 year old girl in high school, I instituted the “sex information center” at James Madison High School in Brooklyn, NY.

Sex education that works keeps teens safe and protects their health.

  • Schools must teach completely, medically accurate and age-appropriate information.
  • Traditional sex-education programs encourage teens to wait to have sex until they are ready.
  • Effective sex-education programs teach teens about birth control so they can avoid pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

The Challenge

Unfortunately, anti-choice activists oppose teaching traditional sex education in schools. Instead, they created "abstinence-only" programs. "Abstinence-only" programs are unrealistic, outdated, and often tell teens lies about birth control.

You may be surprised to learn just how dangerous these programs are.

  • "Abstinence-only" programs don't work. They don't convince teens to wait until marriage to have sex.
  • In fact, many teens who take "abstinence-only" classes don't even use birth control when they decide to have sex.
  • “Abstinence-only” programs have contributed to the public-health crisis among teens.

Our Solution

We owe it to our teens to end "abstinence-only" programs once and for all. Our lawmakers and schools can take a lot of steps to keep teens safe.

  • We should stop spending tax dollars on these dangerous programs.
  • Schools should teach teens the facts about both abstinence and birth control. Information about birth control does not cause teens to have sex.
  • Teens should have access to birth control if they need it. Giving teens access to birth control prevents pregnancy and STDs.
  • We support more after-school programs. These programs give teens positive activities in a safe environment.

Laws About Accurate Sex Education

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