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State Governments

State legislatures write choice-related laws that have a huge impact on women’s health and lives. Some states have great pro-choice laws. But in other states, anti-choice politicians are intruding on our private health decisions.

State Laws

What choice-related laws does your state have? Click your state to get started.


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Looking for the big picture? Check out our overview of pro-choice laws and overview of anti-choice laws passed in the states last year, or learn about the choice composition of state governments across the country.

States Report

Our annual report, Who Decides? The Status of Women's Reproductive Rights in the United States, takes a closer look at choice-related laws in each state.

Who Represents You?

Find out who represents you in your state legislature. Enter your zip code:  

2014 Elections at a Glance

Before the 2014 elections, there were already more anti-choice governors than pro-choice ones. Now the gap is even wider. See the election results >>

Ballot Measures

Do voters ever decide on issues related to a woman's right to choose? In many states, the answer is yes. Anti-choice groups put measures on the ballot to advance their agenda. Sometimes there are also pro-choice ballot measures.

Colorado Amendment 67
Colorado voters rejected ballot measure Amendment 67, once more refusing the sponsors' attempt to lay the groundwork for an abortion ban. Read our full statement with NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado.

Illinois Pro-Choice Birth Control Referendum
The Illinois legislature put a question on the November ballot regarding prescription birth-control coverage. Voters said yes! While non-binding, this affirms that the majority of Illinois voters support requiring any health-insurance plan that covers prescription drugs to also cover prescription birth control.

North Dakota "Personhood" Measure
Voters in North Dakota defeated Ballot Measure 1, an amendment stating that a fertilized egg has an "inalienable right to life." While "personhood" proposals have appeared on the ballot in several states, they have all failed. Read our full statement.

Tennessee Anti-Choice Constitutional Amendment
An anti-choice measure passed in Tennessee. It repeals a woman’s right to privacy and significantly expands the power of elected officials in the state to restrict abortion rights. The legislature now has the power to repeal any measure that protects abortion rights. That's not all. If Roe v. Wade were ever overturned, the Tennessee Supreme Court would have no authority to keep abortion legal in the state.

News & Updates

Will the Supreme Court Hear Case from Texas Abortion Providers?

The Supreme Court temporarily blocked Texas' H.B.2, an anti-choice law designed to close abortion clinics by placing unnecessary, burdensome regulations on them. Providers in the state hope the court will now hear their case.

Investigations of Planned Parenthood Find No Wrongdoing

Anti-choice legislators have used deceptively-edited videos attacking Planned Parenthood as an excuse to launch investigations of the organization. And the investigations are coming up empty.

NARAL Pro-Choice America Celebrates Introduction of EACH Woman Act

The EACH Woman Act removes politicians from the relationship between a woman and her doctor and restores the right to make personal and private medical decisions to women.

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